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I am currently updating the webpage... but then again I never do :)

My name is Georgios Vasilopoulos and I am researcher working in the field observational high energy astrophysics and the study of accreting objects. My research focuses particularly in X-ray pulsars and Ultra-luminous X-ray systems. I obtained my Phd from TUM while working at MPE. Following my doctoral studies I moved in New Haven while working at Yale University as a Postdoctoral associate for almost 3 years. I have now moved to Strasbourg working as a postdoc (see link) and a member of the XMM-Newton SSC team and the « Galaxies, High Energy, Cosmology, Compact Objects & Stars » (GALHECOS) group.
 If you browse through these pages you will find some highlights of my research, presentations that I hope to upload at some point and photos from the places I visited. Hope you enjoy some of that.
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